Shun the Sun

The mission of Shun the Sun is to be the principal voice for education and awareness of the harmful and devastating effects of skin cancer caused by prolonged sun and artificial UV rays exposure.

Would you like to donate to Shun the Sun Foundation? Send your tax deductible donation to Shun the Sun Foundation.

7233 E. Baseline Rd., Suite 126, Mesa, AZ 85209

Do you know of a school, or a park, or a playground that needs a shade structure?  Please send us your request for a shade structure with all of the details to Shun the Sun Foundation!


How does Shun the Sun Foundation prevent skin cancer? With donations and the proceeds of the Gilbert Marathon Events, Shun the Sun gives back to the community by building shade structures over school and park playgrounds! This is a structure built in 2013 at an East Valley school in Mesa. With the proceeds of the 2014 Gilbert Marathon Events, Shun the Sun is donating SIX shade structures at Freestone Park in Gilbert.

Does your local school or park playground need some shade? Please mail a written request for a shade structure with specific reasons as to why Shun the Sun should donate it to your playground to:

Shun the Sun Foundation                                                                 7233 E. Baseline Road, Suite 126 Mesa, AZ 85209


Shun the Sun has a Pogo Pass Promotion! You get tons of admissions to events for only $40. Great for families! Check it out! $5 from each pass goes to preventing skin cancer! Click the Photo for more information and to buy one!